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Roboverse Character Bios Henry Gloval


Grid-eMotion Flash is a fast charging solution that uses the highest power input possible to flash-charge buses within seconds at selected bus stops, along the route. For 10 years, Gloval marshaled the resources of the entire planet to rebuild the battlefortress. It was only natural that Gloval was appointed as commander of the Earth’s first Super Dimension Fortress. When the Zentraedi arrived to reclaim their lost ship, Gloval launched the SDF-1 into the First Robotech War.


In 2020, the International Maritime Organisation put in place a regulation to reduce the sulphur content of fuel burned by ships. This is having real world consequences – not only did the overall temperature of the oceans hit a new record in April this year, in some regions the difference from the long term was enormous. Over the past 15 years, the Earth has accumulated almost as much heat as it did in the previous 45 years, with most of the extra energy going into the oceans. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. The enemy, discovered to be the giant sized Zentraedihounded them mercilessly through the system. Gloval not only managed to keep the ship and the civilians on board safe, he took the initiative, sending out intelligence gathering missions and constantly adapting the technologies and strategies being used.

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Gorshkov was again awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union on 21 December 1982. Transferred to the Group of Inspectors General of the Ministry of Defense in December 1985, a retirement post for elderly senior officers, Gorshkov died in Moscow on 13 May 1988. Pioneers in the industry, we offer Leather Goods, Accessories Trays, Document Folders, Photo Frames, Hand Bags and Wallets from India. Captain Henry J. Gloval lost his life in the final battle with Supreme Commander Dolza and Khyron, never abandoning his post, giving his life for what he believed in. Henry J. Gloval was an officer in the Robotech Defense Force, most notable for been the commanding officer of the SDF-1 Macross.


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While humanity did not realize it, the SDF-1did, and autonomously detecting the incoming enemy, fired its main gun on its own. Gloval quickly realized what was happening, that the creator of the ship had left a booby trap on board for his foes. While the main gun had done significant damage to the incoming enemy fleet, however, it hadn’t done nearly enough, and soon Macross City, home of the SDF-1, was under attack.

Through the upheaval of the late 20th Century leading into the Global War, Gloval remained a steadfast presence and was highly regarded among the men and women who served under him, as well as his fellow officers and superiors. Some research has shown that world is warming in jumps, where little changes over a period of years and then there are sudden leaps upwards, like steps on a stairs, closely linked to the development of El Niño. For the past three years this naturally occurring event has been in a cooler phase called La Niña, and has helped keep global temperatures in check.

Following the end of the war, Gorshkov continued to command the squadron until becoming Chief of Staff of the Black Sea Fleet in November 1948. He became the commander of the fleet in August 1951 and was promoted to admiral on 3 August 1953. Following his July 1955 appointment as First Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Navy, Nikita Khrushchev made him Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Navy in January 1956. As Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Navy, Gorshkov simultaneously served as a Deputy Minister of Defense of the Soviet Union, receiving the rank of admiral of the fleet on 24 April 1962.

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Not only did he keep the what is bid ask price spread and how is it used from being overwhelmed by superior numbers, he made headway in learning about the Zentraedi, and developed a plan to try and negotiate with them. Instead of ending up near the moon, they ended up 5.7 billion miles away, near the ice dwarf Pluto. Also, due to the fact that he had not been able to attain orbit, and was still only a couple of hundred meters above the ground, he also folded most of Macross Cityalong with them. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Space Fold System itself completely vanished, making a quick return trip impossible. Despite the unbelievable chaos and shocking events, Gloval kept it together, calmly rescuing the 70,000 stranded civilians and ordering damage control and recommendations. Gloval is credited with being the one who set the precedent for the peace talks which led to international government and the end of the Global Civil War.

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He joined the Navy at a young age and worked his way up through the ranks, becoming a decorated hero to his nation during the Global Civil War. His brilliant strategies commanding surface vessels soon led him to becoming a well known man to be reckoned with, both within his own forces and in the forces of the enemy. Eventually he was given command of a nuclear powered submarine, where he rose to great prominence, recognized by his superiors as an effective, if unconventional captain. Flash and Fleet are equipped with configurable smart-charging digital platforms that can be embedded with a larger fleet and energy management systems. Born in Kamianets-Podilskyi to a Russian family, Gorshkov grew up in Kolomna. Gorshkov began his service with the Black Sea Fleet upon graduation in November 1931 as a watch officer aboard the destroyer Frunze.

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Under Leonid Brezhnev Gorshkov oversaw a massive naval build-up of surface and submarine forces, creating a force capable of challenging Western naval power by the late 1970s. This included the adoption of nuclear weapons, which were carried by ballistic missile submarines and aircraft, as well as the development of nuclear submarines and shipboard helicopters. In order to project Soviet military power, Gorshkov sent ships on lengthy cruises and formed operational squadrons in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, building a blue-water navy. He received the title Hero of the Soviet Union on 7 May 1965 and was promoted to admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union – the highest Soviet naval rank – on 22 October 1967.

  • The scalable, grid-to-plug fast-charging solution will make it possible for fleets of commercial trucks in the middle-mile category to recharge simultaneously in a single location.
  • He served aboard both surface vessels and submarines and was a career military man.
  • An enabling technology for the transition to cleaner electric trucks, has been fast, efficient, and economical, with the building of charging infrastructure for multiple vehicles, at fleet depots and delivery hubs.
  • After becoming chief of staff of the Pacific Fleet Destroyer Brigade in October, Gorshkov was appointed its commander in May 1938.
  • He studied at courses for destroyer commanders between December 1936 and March 1937, becoming commander of the destroyer Razyashchy following completion.

He knew their enemy would eventually find them, and that the long journey home would be a fight every step of the way. Global demand for electric trucks is growing rapidly, especially among companies that operate large fleets of middle-mile and last-mile delivery vehicles. An enabling technology for the transition to cleaner electric trucks, has been fast, efficient, and economical, with the building of charging infrastructure for multiple vehicles, at fleet depots and delivery hubs. Warmer oceans can kill off marine life, lead to more extreme weather and raise sea levels.

The average surface temperature of the world’s seas has increased by around 0.9C compared to preindustrial levels, with 0.6C coming in the last 40 years alone. One factor that could be influencing the level of heat going into the oceans is, interestingly, a reduction in pollution from shipping. But they worry that, combined with other weather events, the world’s temperature could reach a concerning new level by the end of next year. As preparations were being made to transplant the civilians, the Zentraedilaunched a massive attack.

; 26 February 1910 – 13 May 1988) was an admiral of the fleet of the Soviet Union. Twice awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, he oversaw the expansion of the Soviet Navy into a global force during the Cold War. Placing himself and his crew in harms way was one thing, they were military, that was their job, but asking the hapless civilians to continue their encapsulated, war-torn existence was completely unacceptable. He ignored orders for him to immediately leave Earth’s atmosphere and general vicinity, broadcasting his pleas for somewhere the refugees could go. On that fateful day when the SDF-1was ready to launch, little did humanity realize as they celebrated that their enemies were nearly on top of them.

After becoming chief of staff of the Pacific Fleet Destroyer Brigade in October, Gorshkov was appointed its commander in May 1938. During this period he participated in the Battle of Lake Khasan before being transferred west to command the Black Sea Fleet Cruiser Brigade in June 1940. At the same time, Supreme Commander Dolza and the insane Khyron were still hammering Earth’s forces with unrelenting attacks. Between Gloval and Admiral Donald Hayes, however, they survived the nearly genocidal storm and retaliated, destroying the bulk of the ZentraediArmada, and killing Khyron.

Gloval became a leading figure among Earth’s military, and his unblemished reputation allowed him to reach consensus among fellow military officers around the world. Among his key supporters was Donald Hayes, who had been both ally and adversary in the past. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 80% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

The Robotech Defense Force couldn’t have found a more capable person to command the SDF-1 than Henry Gloval. Resolute and determined, the veteran Russian naval officer was the consensus choice of the united Earth government to oversee the reconstruction of the immense alien battlefortress that crash-landed on Macross Island. “We have doubled the heat in the climate system the last 15 years, I don’t want to say this is climate change, or natural variability or a mixture of both, we don’t know yet. But we do see this change.” A recent, rapid heating of the world’s oceans has alarmed scientists concerned that it will add to global warming.

Furious, but accepting, he then asked where he could put the tens of thousands civilian refugees. It was while leading an American carrier task force on a chase across the Pacific Ocean that Gloval was caught up in the extraordinary arrival of the alien battlefortress. Surviving the initial shockwave, Gloval and the crew of his nuclear submarine, the Minsk, were the first humans to arrive on the crash scene. Knowing that his own government would not be able to control the site, Gloval defied orders and allowed an international team of experts to investigate the wreckage. This precedent helped to broker an international ceasefire, and eventually helped lead to the formation of the United Earth Government.

The UAE aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, in line with the Paris Agreement. Sustainable transportation is a key element of this ambition, which includes investing in electric mass transit systems and promoting the widespread adoption of electric cars and trucks. In November, the UAE will underscore its ambitions for a carbon-neutral world by hosting the 28th UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai.

As American forces moved to stabilize an out-of-control political and military situation in the Asian Pacific, the Russian Navy was ordered to deter American forces. This pitted Gloval against former allies he had worked with during the hopeful days following the end of the Cold War. Born Henryk Jozef Glovalsky to a Russian father and a Lithuanian mother, he distinguished himself as an officer in the Russian Navy. He served aboard both surface vessels and submarines and was a career military man.

The battle crippled the SDF-1and SDF-2, and the crash site of the SDF-1became the new global headquarters. However, the battle on Earth was there to stay, and Gloval was forced back not only to defend the ship, but the Earth as well. Between his strategy and knowledge of the enemy, he coordinated with the government to both open peaceful negotiations and continue to do battle simultaneously. Upon finally reaching Earth, he was stunned when the global government not only refused to allow the ship to land, but refused any military support whatsoever.

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He praised India’s attempts to formalise its economy and emphasised Mumbai’s competitive energy and optimism. And there are concerns that the heat contained in the oceans won’t stay there. “The impact on the temperature is relaxed a few months after the peak of any El Niño so this is why 2024 will be probably the warmest on record.” Experts believe that a strong El Niño weather event – a weather system that heats the ocean – will also set in over the next months.

“Hitachi Energy’s Grid-eMotion Fleet will support the company’s partners with proven grid-to-plug charging infrastructure solutions that will encourage the use of cleaner energy in zero-emission transportation. Hitachi Energy has won an order from Admiral Global DMCC, a Dubai regional headquartered e-mobility and energy solutions provider for industries, to supply the first charging infrastructure for electric truck fleets in the UAE. Between September and November the flotilla went on to support the troops of the 2nd and 3rd Ukrainian Fronts during the Belgrade and Budapest Offensives.

Trying to buy, Gloval ordered the use of the new Omnidirectional Barrier Defense System. Massive energy backlash of the untested system destroyed a 25 mile radius of the Earth. Heartsick at the devastation, Gloval admitted defeat and readied the SDF-1to leave Earth. His experience and calm amid the unbearable tensions made him an inspirational leader for the thousands of soldiers and officers under his command. In particular, he emerged as an admired father figure among the all-female bridge crew.

But there are more fundamental worries that as more heat goes into the ocean, the waters may be less able to store excess energy. A coastal El Niño has already developed off the shores of Peru and Ecuador and experts believe a fully formed event will follow with implications for global temperatures. But aerosols that dirty the air also help reflect heat back into space – removing them may have caused more heat to enter the waters.

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