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When it comes to garage doors, we’re the number 1 choice for the North East. Whether you’re looking for a new garage door to be fitted, or an existing garage door to be repaired or upgraded, our expert team will give you all the advice you need to help you make the choice that’s best for you.

    Up & Over Garage Doors

    One of our most popular type of doors here at Garage Doors North East is the Up and Over door. Split into two main categories, they traditionally come in either Canopy or Retractable. Both styles have their own benefits and generally offer the best value for money.

    Canopy Up & Over

    Canopy Up & Over – The canopy door is so called because of the overhanging area of the door that protrudes from the garage when the door is open. They’re particularly popular for people with narrower garage doorways and provide the perfect solution when space is limited.

    Retractable Up and Over

    While Canopy doors are for limited space Retractable doors are more suited for wider spaces and slide neatly into the garage when open, leaving no part of the door exposed or seen.
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